Tuesday, February 24, 2009

#24 Here we go again! I'm excited to work on more "Things".

Thursday, September 11, 2008

#23 Evaluation

I really enjoyed doing 23 things on a stick. I think it has valuable information for everyone in the library. I know many staff who started but haven't finished. I will try to encourage staff to keep plugging away! I will keep blogging - and will work on getting better at these new found skills!

#23 Staying Current

This is a tough one with all that I have to do at work each day. I do think a lot of things I have learned - like adding RSS Feeds - will help me stay current. Work/social networks can be very helpful also. I already use webjunction quite a bit.

#21 Other Social Networks

I joined Ning and commented. However I also had trouble with the badge. Tried a dozen times and never posted!

#20 Facebook

This is something I have heard so much about and never looked at. I saw a few people I know. I can see why kids like it. They can keep in touch with out calling! I joined the ALA and Library 2.0 interest group. Now I will see if my kids will agree to be my friends??

#19 Podcasts

I listened to one of the Memo Conference pod cast and the Interview with Librarian Sue. I found them both informative and interesting. I liked that you can join whenever,listen and stop and start whenever you want. I found the Yahoo directory easy to use and I could see my self subscribing to a podcast regularly.

#18 YouTube

How fun. I loved the videos that were listed especially the IT Librarian one. I didn't recognize anyone from the ALA Conference. I chose the Young Frankenstein video because It's a Musical and I would love the see the show. My Son saw it in New York and loved it.